Diversity Outreach

Diversity Outreach Program

Message from Margaret Downey, Founder and President of the Freethought Society:

The Freethought Society (FS) leadership is concerned about the lack of diversity within the nontheist community. A “Diversity Outreach Committee” (DOC) has been formed to address the problem. DOC will develop an action plan that will find various ways to find like-minded individuals in the black, Hispanic, Indian and other minority communities.

There is also a need to outreach to women as surveys find that the nontheist community has fewer women actively involved than men.

Diversity Outreach Committee members are:

  • Mike Estes

  • Eustes Mush

    Is a father, musician, song writer, producer, artist and electronic technician. Euste has a degree in Natural World Science from The International School of Hard Knocks. He was born in St. Kitts, West Indies. Peets has lived in Miami, New York and Philadelphia. He now lives in Sarasota, Florida. WWW.MUSHVIBE.COM

  • Olga Bourlin

  • Sean Robbins

    Is a mother, partner to Euste Peets, artist and textile designer. She earned a BFA from University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Robbins was born in New Rochelle, New York. For many years she and Eustes lived in North West Philadelphia. She now lives in Sarasota, Florida. www.SHOROBII.com

  • Patrick Innis

  • Norm Allen

  • Patrick Cleveland

  • Naima Cabelle

DOC is developing literature, outreach events are being planned, YouTube videos are being produced and on-going research for a future book is being conducted.

If this important project is of interest to you, please volunteer. Join the Yahoo DOC discussion group today at:


If you would like to help finance the efforts of this Committee, please earmark a donation today! Your donation will be used for printing, event fees and related expenses.