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The November/December 2011 Freethought Society Newsletter

The November/December 2011 Freethought News is now available for download or online reading at this link:


Featured in this issue:

  • Freethought Society’s Sponsorship of 2012 Reason Rally
  • Tree of Knowledge 2011 Project Reportby Margaret Downey
  • The 2011 Holiday Banner Application Banner by Margaret Downey
  • Lunching with a Pastorby Vic Wang
  • Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Philadelphia Region Billboard Campaign
  •  The Freethought Society’s 2011/2012 Four-Month Activities Calendar
  •  Freethinkers of Haiti Report
  •  Community Service Projects (Jean Therapy, Sole Searching and Book Drive)
  • Freethought Society Committee Report  (Anti-Discrimination Support Network)

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