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Stop BSA recruiting in our Public Schools

In our ongoing efforts to prevent discrimination, the ADSN has created a letter of appeal to schools and school districts reminding them that the Boy Scouts of America is a private organization which should not be receiving taxpayer benefits such as recruiting in our tax-supported public schools. Please read the letter and join us in taking action.  For those schools which are willing to pledge a non-discrimination policy, there is a frameable certificate which may be downloaded and given to them.

Anti-Discrimination Policy & Mission Statement


2 comments to Stop BSA recruiting in our Public Schools

  • Brian Westley

    Well Pee Wee, the No Child Left Behind is only about equal access to school facilities, it is NOT about recruiting children in public schools. Any organization like the BSA that discriminates against atheists should not be permitted to recruit in public schools, and school officials have complete authority to prohibit BSA representatives from doing that. And no, you can’t whine about “banning”, you can still have your little private, discriminatory club, but don’t expect public schools to help you.

  • Pee Wee Harris

    The 2001 No Child Left Behind legislation allows groups, including the Boy Scouts, to enter public schools. Ms. Downey might do well to look at her own philosophy regarding discrimination. She discriminates against a group she perceives to be discriminating. While the Boy Scouts do NOT claim to be allowing FREE THOUGHT, but specifically say what they allow and do not allow, thus being truthful and up front about their policies, Ms Downy belongs to a group calling itself FREE THOUGHT SOCIETY, yet she and her group will not allow the Boy Scouts the right to THINK FREELY. Ridiculous! That said, I believe it would make more sense to “woo” the Boy Scouts into a different pattern of FREE THINKING rather than trying to BAMBOOZLE, CAJOLE, THREATEN, and BAN them from the public sector.

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