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The September-October 2012 FS Newsletter

September October 2012 FS PDF Newsletter

 Please note that we are having some issues with the conversion of the MS publisher file to the pdf, and there are some ‘squished’ letters on a couple of pages. We are working to resolve the problem, but wanted to keep the newsletter available in the meantime.

In this newsletter you will find the following articles:

 Take Action Against Boy Scouts’ Bigotry Today!  by Margaret Downey

 Stop BSA Recruitment in Public Schools by Margaret Downey

 Returning an Eagle Badge to the Boy Scouts of America by Bryan Stone

 Friday the Thirteenth at TAM 2012 by Margaret Downey

 Photos From “The Amazing Meeting” 2012

 PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference 2012 Flier

 The Freethought Society’s 2012 Four-Month Activities Calendar

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We hope you enjoy reading the attached FS newsletter.

The Freethought Society News Editorial Staff

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