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Nontheists respond to Hurricane Sandy | Washington Post

There’s no doubt about it: atheists get a bad rap.

According to a 2006 national survey, nearly 79 percent of Americans believe that atheists don’t share their vision of American society. Nonbelievers are branded as immoral, hedonistic and rebellious. With the rise of the Religious Right, we’ve seen ever increasing attempts to equate religion and morality as mutually exclusive. We hear our politicians talk about their faith and how they believe it positively impacts society. We are marginalized by rampant assertions that belief in a god is a prerequisite for American patriotism.

So, it’s no surprise that with all of the negative stereotypes nontheists have to combat, we have a long way to go in proving that we can indeed be “good without God.”   … Some of the organized efforts are underway in the nontheist community to assist in disaster relief …


  Good without God: Atheists assist in aftermath of Hurricane Sandy | Secular News Daily 

… The Freethought Society has partnered with the Texas Freethought Convention to collect and distribute money to help where needed.  The     Coalition for Reason and American Atheists have joined this effort. View their video requesting funds here. To donate, please visit the Emergency Relief Fund page on the Freethought Society website. Encourage others to donate by liking and sharing their Facebook page….


  Secular organizations band together to give aid to Hurricane Sandy victims

Hurricane Sandy has wreaked havoc from the Caribbean to Canada. Many people are in need of aid. The Freethought Society, headquartered in Pocopson, PA, is partnering with the Texas Freethought Convention to collect and distribute money to help where needed.  The Coalition for Reason, Volunteers Beyond Belief and American Atheists have joined this effort….


   TFC Hurricane Sandy Emergency Relief Fund  (Video)

… The Hurricane Sandy Emergency Relief Fund is put together by the Texas Freethought Convention and the Freethought Society out of Pennsylvania.  It’s purpose is to assist those in the secular community and beyond who have been displaced, hurt, or otherwise affected by the hurricane. …


   Hurricane Sandy Emergency Relief Fund – Facebook page

News updates on the Fund, donors, recipients, participants



    Texas Freethought Convention – Facebook page

   Volunteers Beyond Belief – Facebook page

   United Coalition of Reason – Facebook page

    American Atheists – Facebook Page





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