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Meet Lyz Liddell, the Exec Director of the 2016 Reason Rally

Are you planning or considering to attend the 2016 Reason Rally being held on June 4, 2016 in Washington, D.C.? Do you seek more information and help in planning your trip? If so, you are invited to attend the Thursday, March 31, 2016 meeting to get answers to all your questions.

Join us at the Ludington Library, 5 South Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010 on 3/31/16, at 7:00 PM.

Bring your questions and ideas, whether you plan to spend the entire weekend in the Washington, D.C. area or are just attending the Reason Rally one-day event. We will be discussing food, volunteers needed to represent The Freethought Society, activities, and addressing all concerns. We will also connect to Lyz Liddell, the Executive Director of the 2016 Reason Rally, via Skype. She will take questions from the audience and give us an update on who will be speaking and performing. She will also provide an overview of all the related Reason Rally activities being planned before, during and after the event.Lyz-Liddell-3

Please visit the Reason Rally 2016 website at ReasonRally.org.

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