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SECULAR Dia de los Muertos - Secular Day of the Dead

Secular Dia de los Muertos

Secular Day of the Dead

Thursday November 1, 2018

La Fonda Restaurant
2501 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90057

Tickets include:  Mariachi band, dinner, and surprise guests!

Bring photos of the loved one(s) you are honoring to place on the Secular Honoring Table.

Tickets are just $35.


This event is cosponsored by:

Rave reviews were received for the two Secular Day of the Dead celebrations that have already taken place in San Diego, California.

We hope to see this tradition repeat in other cities and states around the country. Your participation will help establish this event as an important cultural and much needed outreach to secularists in the Hispanic community.

A Secular Day of the Dead event is a celebration of life.

Nontheist Hispanics view the Day of the Dead as a perfect way to remember the legacy of dead loved ones in a way that does not require prayer, church, or any religious dogma. To nontheists, our legacies are our afterlife.

Many nontheist Hispanics want to continue traditions and cultural rituals, but in a secular way. The Secular Day of the Dead event will include many redesigned Hispanic traditions and rituals that celebrate our one and only life, legacies and cultural heritage.

More and more people are abandoning their religious upbringing, but still want to celebrate the beauty of their culture. This is why a Secular Day of the Dead was created.

A Secular Day of the Dead has never taken place in Los Angeles, California. The 2018 Secular Day of the Dead will be the first of what we hope will become an annual event.

Get tickets here!


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