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Tom Krattenmaker

Presents “A New Vision for Secular Transcendence”

Tom Krattenmaker

The Freethought Society (FS) is pleased to host award-winning author and USA Today columnist Tom Krattenmaker on Saturday, September 192020 at Noon (PDT)/3:00 PM (EDT) for an online Zoom presentation entitled “A New Vision for Secular Transcendence.”

You can obtain the Zoom link by registering as a member of the FS Meetup.

Krattenmaker’s talk will address how religion has faded from importance in contemporary life along with a sense of transcendence, which is traditionally understood as the experience of “rising above” the mundane, ordinary aspects of our lives. Krattenmaker will present his alternative vision for a secular, or horizontal, transcendence that does not depend on belief in a deity or supernatural ideas but, rather, on people’s connections to one another and to life on our imperiled planet. 

As a columnist, Krattenmaker specializes in beliefs and values in public life. He is also the author of three award-winning booksOnward Christian AthletesThe Evangelicals You Don’t Know, and, most recently, Confessions of a Secular Jesus Follower, which was named one of the top two religion books of 2016 by the Religion News Association.

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