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Billboard Project

Regional Billboard Program

Message from Margaret Downey:

The Freethought Society (FS) is interested in placing billboards in the greater Philadelphia area.

FS works billboard and bus advertisement designed offered by FreethoughtAction.com, the United Coalition for Reason and the Freedom From Religion Foundation. A sample billboard design is shown below.

If you want to see a nontheist themed billboard in your area:

  1. Take note of potential billboard sites and locations. Write down the street name and any other identifying landmark. Write down the name of the billboard company and any number assigned to the billboard (usually located at the bottom of the billboard).
  2. Contact the billboard company to inquire about date availability and the costs of those dates. Ask the company to send you an email with a photograph, estimated daily traffic figures, and monthly costs. This information is of great value to the organizations listed above.
  3. If the board you’re interested in isn’t available, ask the company for suggestions of other sites. With this information, FS can asks one of the organizations listed above to contact the billboard company to ask for a nonprofit rate.
  4. Please earmark a donation to the FS billboard effort. Several of the organizations that FS works with have a “Billboard Fund,” but local donations are of great assistance. All earmarked donations to FS are deductible for income-tax purposes.
  5. Once a billboard is up, FS can use it to write a press release, positive letter to the editor or an op-ed piece.

With your help we can counter religious roadside markers, church billboards and those giant interstate crosses installed all around the area!

Thank you for your interest and assistance!