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Journey Stories

Journey Stories

“Journey stories are important because the written word enables us to connect emotionally to others. We can present hundreds of logical arguments and facts concerning why people should not be attached to religious and superstitious beliefs, but religious belief is more emotional than rational. Nontheists can debate the validity of scripture or argue the existence of God, but we cannot deny a person’s personal religious experiences. When a religious person tells their story about how God has worked some kind of perceived miracle or how God somehow blessed, transformed, lifted and encouraged them, we can’t argue against that. It’s their story.

Telling a journey story either in person or on paper is a way to build a better level of understanding. Your story can be told in many different ways — a poem, a song, or just in a 1-minute elevator speech.  Thinking about and creating a story regarding your experiences and what has influenced your life can be the perfect exercise to relate to friends, family, and even strangers you meet on an airplane flight. Everyone has experienced something special, different, and exceptional.”

by Margaret Downey, President of Freethought Society

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We have published many journey stories and we would like to publish yours.  Please see the submission guidelines and send your story to ezine@FtSociety.org


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