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Mentor Connection

An Introduction to the Mentor Connection

Margaret Downey has been an active member of the nontheist community for over twenty-five years. She began her activist career when she observed blatant discrimination against nontheists. Downey is concerned with prejudgment based on unfounded characterizations. Even though a nontheist life stance is unpopular, Downey refuses to allow majority opinion to compromise her principles. She knows first hand that it isn’t easy being a minority in a country where good citizenship is associated with religious beliefs. She also knows that it’s not easy to be new to a cause. In May 1997, Downey created the Mentor Connection for the Freethought Society and its supporters.

The Mentor Connection will concentrate on establishing a support network for the nontheist community. The Mentor Connection will enable concerned nontheists to link up via cross referencing. To become part of this networking effort, complete the form if you need a mentor, or if you are interested in contributing your skills and experience to the Mentor Connection. Members of the Mentor Connection will bring new vitality to current social issues facing the nontheist community. Mentors can offer guidance, advice, and support to fellow nontheists.

A voluntary tax-deductible donation from persons seeking to be connected to a mentor would be appreciated. A donation payable to the Freethought Society (ear-marked for the Mentor Connection) would help offset the cost of printing and mailing networking information.

Download Forms Here: Mentor Connection Literature