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The 2009 Tree of Knowledge is on display at the Chester County Courthouse as of November 30th, 2009.




The mission of FS’s 2009 Winter Holiday Display, “The Tree of Knowledge,” is to inform the community about the many freethought books available through the library system and through retail and wholesale distributors. FS is promoting education and, in doing so, hopes to encourage a better understanding of the freethought philosophy. FS is also participating in the holiday display to celebrate the winter season and to ensure a year-round cooperative relationship between theist and nontheist communities.



The 2007 Tree of Knowledge

 Humblest Greetings.


       We wholeheartedly appreciate your endeavor to plant the Knowledge tree in the Chester County Court Yard. Surely it is a great slam on Bible’s commandment not to have knowledge and the concept that Adam and Eve became sinners condemned for acquiring knowledge by eating the fobidden knowledge fruit. So many congratulations to you for your grand success. Surely I would enjoy the event with all of you there if I would be in the US.Cordially,

Swamiji Manavatavadi