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Secular Day of the Dead

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As nontheists, we know that we only have one life to live. Nontheists do not believe in an afterlife, but when we die our legacy lives on. Our legacy is our afterlife. We live on through the relationships we formed, the words that we wrote, and the life values we leave behind.

A Secular Day of the Dead event provides the nontheist community a way to actually celebrate life – our own and the life of our dead loved ones. 

The Secular Day of the Dead maintains important cultural traditions – sans religion. With more and more people abandoning their religious beliefs, the Secular Day of the Dead outreaches to the Hispanic community offering such things as a Honoring Table (Ofrenda) and an opportunity to be with like-minded individuals who appreciate culture, traditions and celebrations of life.

The Freethought Society is providing a Secular Day of the Dead Toolkit. Also included in this section of the website you will find articles about past events. 

Please notify the Freethought Society should you or the group you are affiliated with host a Secular Day of the Dead. The Freethought Society would like to see this celebration of life expand to many more locations.


Secular Day of the Dead Toolkit

SDoD Toolkit will help you start a secular celebration in your area
Secular Day of the Dead SDoD Toolkit


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