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The January/February 2012 FS Newsletter

The January/February 2012  Freethought News is now available for download or online reading at this link:  Jan_Feb_2012_FS_Newsletter1  

In this newsletter you will find the following articles:

  • Chester County Commissioners Reject the Tree of Knowledge by Margaret Downey
  • Chester County Protest, by Glen Loev
  • A January Evening With Dr. Lawrence Krauss, by Tracy McPherson
  • Evidence that the U. S. is not a “Christian Nation,” by Dom Nozzi
  • FS Supports Building Bid, by Margaret Downey
  • The Freethought Society’s 2012 Four-Month Activities Calendar
  • Review of Christopher Hitchens’ book Hitch 22 by, Ben Ackerley
  • Helping Hands Committee by Margaret Downey
  • A cartoon by Emily Anthony
  • Free Thinkers of Haiti Report on Solar Box Cooker Project

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~The Freethought Society News Editorial Staff

September/October 2011 Freethought Society Newsletter

We hope you enjoy reading the following articles:

The Friggatriskaidekaphobia 2011 Party
by Margaret Downey

FS Friggatriskaidekaphobia Party Cures All
by Glen Love

FS Friday the 13th Party—Predictably Great!
by Carol Everhart Roper

Frigg Cures of the Past and Future
by Shaun McGonigal

A First-Timer’s Amazing Meeting
by Celestia Ward

Also see the “Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Philadelphia Region Billboard Campaign” article and the announcements about two on-going charity efforts (“Jump Into the Jean Pool” and “Sole Searching”).

Included in this issue is an update on the Free Thinkers of Haiti’s Solar Box Cooker efforts.

Please check out the 2011 Four-Month Activities Calendar and plan to attend the events created to entertain and educate.

In this newsletter you will find a report from the Helping Hands Committee and a new Anti-Discrimination Support Network report.

Download Here: September/October 2011 FS Newsletter

2011 Newsletters

July August 2011 NewsletterDownload the recent 2011 Newsletters here:

Archived Newsletters: July 2010 – December 2010

Here’s the last of the archived newsletters for your enjoyment!

The September-October 2010 FS Newsletter