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The Boy Scouts of America- legalized discrimination


Margaret Downey and FS have worked for many years to change the policies of the BSA and/or make sure they don’t get taxpayer funding if they insist on a policy of discrimination.  Here are numerous articles and reports detailing our efforts. If you’d like to join us in this cause, please email volunteer@ftsociety.org.

BSA Assemblies Protested, Dec 2014

Protesting BSA Assemblies in Public Schools, Mar 2015

School District Under Fire for Hosting Scouts Assembly, Dec 2014

January February 2011 Newsletter-Boy Scout Article

BSA 2010 Protest

BSA 2010 Protest Carter

BSA NCC Orientation Speech Copy

BSA NCC ESP Press Release

BSA: letter to National Constitution Center

BSA: Letter to President Jimmy Carter

BSA: Christian Legal Society v Martinez – Supreme court ruling hailed

BSA: Disability bias: Orlando Sentinel Article

BSA: Disability bias: Florida Today Article

BSA Disability bias: Beacon Article

National and Local Taxpayer Money Continues to Support BSA bigotry – March 2005

BSA Protest- 2004

BSA: AHA Press Release

BSA 2003 Press Release

AHA complaint letter to School board

BSA: Speech delivered to Mayor Street, Phila, 2000




Scouting for all is a wonderful alternative to the Boy Scouts.

For more information, visit:  http://www.scoutingforall.org/data/layer02/aboutFrame.html