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Hear Physicist Lawrence Krauss explain how nothing produced everything.

How could the universe come from nothing? It’s a mind-boggling concept to many people. We want to know how existence came to be, what was there before it, what is going to happen to it. And while we’re at it, just what is “nothing” anyhow?
Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss

 Noted physicist Lawrence Krauss, whose research focuses on the beginning and end of the universe, will tell you that science can now answer these questions. Quantum Mechanics – the science of the strange and very small, shows that nothing must always produce something- quantum fluctuations exist within ‘nothing’ and they are unstable- thus it’s nearly inevitable that universe like ours would be made. What does that mean? Come and find out.

Krauss, the author of many books, will discuss his newest book, “A Universe from Nothing”, to be released on January 10, 2011, in which he explains the current state of the art knowledge on these questions. Nearly a million people have watched his provocative You-tube video explaining “nothing” and how “nothing” not only generated the universe, but eliminates any need for a first cause – a supreme being. This book came about because of the overwhelming response to that video.

Very much in demand as a lecturer, a teacher, a physicist because of his ability to clearly convey these complex ideas to the general public, Krauss is a professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration and the physics department at Arizona State University, and is the inaugural director of the Origins Project.

Whether you already understand this cutting edge science, or just want to understand it, there’s no doubt you’ll learn from this lecture. You’ll have the opportunity to hear and speak with Krauss – to ask your questions and have him answer them, when you attend this program hosted by the Freethought Society and the Philadelphia Ethical Humanist Society at the Ethical Society’s Rittenhouse Square headquarters.

Where: Ethical Humanist Society of Philadelphia
1906 Rittenhouse Square
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Time: 7:00 PM, January 11, 2012

Free and open-to-the-public, with a suggested donation of $5.


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