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Message from Margaret Downey:

Over the years, it has become clear that a group is successful only when its members are involved, active committees are in place, concerned officers are elected and energetic board members contribute to the way Freethought Society operates.


I am hoping to find volunteers for the following committees:

1. Newsletter Committee
(Write, edit, lay-out, print and distribute.)

2. Monthly Meeting Committee
(Find speakers, schedule speakers, coordinate venue and arrange all transportation and housing needs for speakers.)

3. Media Outreach Committee
(Write press releases, contact journalists as follow-up to press releases, fax and email press releases.)

4. Special Events Committee
(Using the Secular Celebrations Calendar, arrange for FS to host events as often as possible.)

5. Helping Hands Committee
(See the special section of this website for information.)

6. Thomas Paine Memorial Committee
(Help with assemblies to honor the life and work of Thomas Paine and other related events.)

7. Anti-Discrimination Support Network
(Help is needed with organizing the narratives received and assistance in maintaining the database is of utmost importance.)

8. Legal Action Committee
(Coordinate with the ACLU, FFRF, attorneys and other national groups who are involved in legal actions.)

9. Community Outreach
(Find street fair opportunities, process applications, coordinate booth materials and volunteers.)

10. Membership Committee
(Watching for possible new members such as people who write “Letters to the Editor.” Also watching for other outreach opportunities, gather information on possible venues for FS to conduct a membership drive, and pursue potential members at public events — literature and business cards will be provided.)

11. Free Speech Zone Committee
(This is a very special committee that plans and implements displays to best represent the atheist community.)

12. Speaker’s Bureau
(People interested in being included in the FS Speaker’s Bureau are encouraged to submit a resume, bio and/or a CV. Photos and a list of special interests/speech topics/expertise will also be needed)

13. The Southern California Secular Coalition (SCSC)
(The goals of SCSC is to enable groups to build relationships with other like-minded groups throughout Southern California. To join the SCSC Committee, contact the Committee Chairman Dave Rice at:  drice@goalsunlimited.biz).

Please send your contact information to: volunteers@FtSociety.org

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