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Welcome from Margaret Downey

Welcome to the Freethought Society! Let me tell you about us.

In order to provide more services to the non-theist community, the Freethought Society of Margaret_DowneyGreater Philadelphia’s structure was re-evaluated. In June of 2010, the FSGP Board of Directors unanimously voted to change the name of the organization to the “Freethought Society” (FS).

The newer name allows the group to represent many more people than just those who live in the “Greater Philadelphia” area. The outreach expansion also enables FS to enhance the visibility of non-theists in many new locations, including other states. FS will provide services not offered by other groups. The goal is to raise awareness and acceptance of the non-theist community. FS seeks volunteers to become official representatives of FS.

Projects include:

  1. Acknowledgment of Secular Occasions
  2. Anti-Discrimination Support Network
  3. Billboards/Bus Signs
  4. Diversity Outreach
  5. Establishment of Meet-Up Groups
  6. Free Speech Zone Displays
  7. Friggatriskaidekaphobia Treatment Center
  8. Helping Hands/Community Service Programs
  9. Media Training
  10. Mentoring Connection
  11. Meetings (Social and Educational)
  12. Newsletter
  13. Protests/Demonstrations
  14. Speaker’s Bureau
  15. Street Fair Participation
  16. Student Outreach
  17. Teaching Acceptance

There are many talented people currently involved with FS, but the search is always on for more volunteers, speakers, committee chair persons, board members and representatives who can serve as freethought advocates. When opportunities arise, FS should be in a position to react and participate. If you can’t volunteer, please consider donating. Donations can be earmarked to support any or all of the above highlighted projects. FS will make sure that your money is used specifically for that project. Donations that are not earmarked will be used for FS operational needs (which are, on average, close to $500 a month).

With your involvement, each year will be a year that non-theists become more vocal, organized and much more visible.

There are multiple ways to connect with the Freethought Society!

The discussion forums are for our members to discuss any and all issues that interest them. They include event announcements which keep our members and friends updated and informed about FS events and news as well as discussions.  The conversation/discussion items will differ between the Yahoo and FB groups. Sign up for both and don’t miss a thing!

Don’t skip our MEETUP group, which has announcements from the Freethought Society AND announcements from other Philadelphia region (PA, DE, NJ) affiliated groups!

To sign up for discussions and announcements, click here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FS-Discussion/

The Freethought Society is on Facebook! Visit us here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Freethought-Society/147128532024347

The FtS meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Freethought-Society-Meetup/

15 comments to Welcome from Margaret Downey

  • John "Jack" F. Makens

    I am an 89 year male retired electrical engineer who first became acquainted with Thomas Paine in 1954 by purchasing and reading Inspiration and Wisdom from the Writings of THOMAS PAINE, Edited by Joseph Lewis. Then in the early 1970 ties I took Course V-76 The Declaration of independence, Thomas Paine, and Your Freedom by the author Andrew J. Galambos . Then later I purchased the Course now available as a 7 CD set. I also took live Courses V-50 and V-201 at The Free Enterprise Institute which Galambos created and was the principle lecturer. I heartily recommend viewing and reading the Purpose of FEI at their web site; fei-ajg.com. Then E-mail me at moral_capitalism@cox.net giving me your appraisal. Sincerely, Jack Makens

  • […] search on freethought groups. The introduction to the group states its purpose as being “to provide more services to the non-theist community“. Assuming employees of The Freethought Society are accountable to a board, were one of […]

  • […] groups—The Freethought Society—in West Chester, Pennsylvania. In the morning of November 10th, Margaret Downey (President of The Freethought Society), Jason Torpy (President of the Military Association of […]

  • […] following day, The Freethought Society helped the San Diego CoR host a Secular Day of the Dead. Margaret Downey—President of The Freethought Society—said, “Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos, is a […]

  • Hi I am a friendly theist so I hope I am welcome to make a comment. Reading this page I felt there was a disconnect between your name and your goals. Your name says “freethought” but your aim seems to be to progress non-theism.

    Is it not possible that a theist could be a “freethinker”? Or do you believe freethought necessarily involves non-theism? If so, are there other things that you believe follow from freethought, e.g. a certain brand of politics, or certain views on public and private ethics? I would have thought that such restrictions or assumptions would be quite the opposite of “freethought”.

    Just curious. Thanks.

  • FS Editor

    Currently we do not have special events for children. We suggest you check out Camp Quest, which is a wonderful camp experience for nontheist children.

  • E Shannon Watson

    I just found your site and facebook page and I was wondering if your group has anything to offer for children. My daughter is nine and it would be nice to have something available with other children who are like minded.

  • Steve Sanborn

    Margaret…stumbled onto the site. My Mother’s family name is Downey….I too am 63….I am from Havertown and went to Msgr Bonner High….what Catholic High School did you attend??? :o) SS

  • FS Editor

    Hello and welcome to the FS website. For more rapid communications, please consider joining us on Facebook, our Meetup, our online discussion group, etc. The links are at the bottom of the message above, and repeated here for you:

    To sign up for discussions and announcements, click here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FS-Discussion/

    The Freethought Society is on Facebook! Visit us here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Freethought-Society/147128532024347

    The FS meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Freethought-Society-Meetup/

  • chris philips

    I am a humanitarian philosopher/resident scholar.I am interested in your movement.It has similar concepts to what believe in.I am not an atheist however,

    look forward to response.thank you C.C.P.

    i have a more philisophical(east/west)outlook on life.

  • new "seasoned" reader

    Enjoying the newsletter, just found via Google, “Freethought” is a refreshing expression and name. I look forward to reading more, and the openness and diversity without having to believe in something or be talked down to. We can care about humanity and make the world a better place in our interactions, in our work, in our families – in the “here and now” is what matters most to me. It is good to read a site that respects our intelligence and doesn’t insist on a certain way of believing and thinking. Thank you.

  • Kenneth Cook

    One of the things I like about freethought is that it is, by nature of it’s very name, open to personal intepretation. I see it as a broad, “umbrella” term, denoting freedom from, and freedom to: Freedom from dogma, superstition and stricture. Freedom to explore, seek, and assimilate anything that I rationally and honestly choose, to compose my personal ideology.

  • Christy Brayton

    Thank you for being a place for speaking out on intelligent issues in a non-threatening, non-religious way.

  • Diana Warren

    I just read about your desire to have a “tree of knowledge” to represent your freethinking atheist ideals put up in PA. I understand that you want to believe there is no God, however do you realize that the history of the “tree of knowledge” is referenced in the Bible? Genesis, chapter 2, verses 8-10 and chapter 3 has reference to it also.
    I took a moment to pray for you and the rest of your group. I know that you deny any existence of God, and that is your right. Just so you know, God created you in your mother’s womb, regardless of what you choose to believe. If you want to enlighten yourself, look into astronomy deeply. Most scientists that study the universe have gained faith in God by what they have learned from stars.
    Take care.

  • Kenneth Cook

    Thank you so much for a wonderful web-site! There is so much irrationality, name-calling, etc. on the internet, it’s great to see a page that focuses on real, intelligent issues and topics. I am a non-theistic, Unitarian-Universalist, and have been a freethinker for many years. I look forward to visiting your site regularly.

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